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Belly up to bellicose and give up the
ghost of thinkin’
There’s a ton of that mean green to glean,
Banking on…to simply ponder
Can again smear as commie pinkin’

Redux the Red Bait
And switch
On Reflex and snitch
That Template of
Tail Gunner Joe
And The Show Trial
harangues that hung
Us all out to dry in
those oh so spry,
pastoral, and pleasantly
paranoid 1950’s

Yes, there is always a rerun Folks

Wrong Song For The Post …Maybe?

  1. Those were certainly the Happy Days for me, although these lovely young women were nowhere to be found at my public high school.

    1. They, them 50’s, were sorta happy days for me… but turned ten when the sixties appeared and family disappeared and by teenaged years, well you don’t want to hear.

      I think the fifties would have been big fun if I had been about 15 midway in…one of the things about stuff like high school in the sixties was how bifurcated it was…if one graduated in 1964 you went one way…a diploma in 67 was a totally different path…I would have loved to have been a freshman in HS when Elvis and rock and roll began to stroll.


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