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Dark Light

That flat color picker is my friend
I pretend
But in the end
It’s a new hue of who knew
And makes not a shade of difference

There is WET ASPHALT #34495e

There is Pomegranate #c0392b

And try the why of Peter River #3498db

That Plump of Pumpkin #d35400

Or the tang of Exodus Fruit #6c5ce7

That Flat Color Picker is a Big City Slicker, a HEX that’s vexed me decades ago

  1. I love the wordplay here – especially as you get to the second stanza and the last line. It would make my coding friends smile.

  2. But all those colors are fun, despite the efforts of some to reduce them to mere code — not just HEX but also RGB and CMYK. That’s in addition to mere names, which also tend to be colorful. It’s the names that got me first, seven decades or so ago.

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