Dark Light

Should I poem or post politics. Well.

For me… they are one and the same, and politics rhymes with slime, at least. And I’m fine with, that in America, circa grift central, shit simple, and sleeper cells, with burn phones.

And all jumpsuit orange in some Day-Glo dystopia or black and white high gloss Diaspora…does all that bore ya.

Rightly and nightly come lightly I, could care.

But y’all won’t let me. Cause you play Fan Duel to late stage capital; betting on billionaires passing the baton to billionaires…HELLO.

And Cheered on by the upper-middle, greased palmed game rigging meritocrats feeding on getting by and bought by the grace of God, and the current currency, there is no urgency when team rabble rumbles and team edify is just about vitreous virtue.

There have you.

It’s A BOP

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