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Finally. After damn near two months, I feel well enough to scribble while semi-boomin’ a young’un playlist and have it keyed to RGBIC music sync. Whoa I’ve been feeling poorly.

And I’m now so far behind configuring my other posting perch, patch, bit and byte rag, that I’m apt to have to pony up again, way before it’s anywhere near showtime. I’ve been sick. Feeling old and downright doddery.

I went to my subscription based geopolitical open source intelligence site today and perused an article or two on the current unpleasantness and found it worthy enough to re-up for another 365.25 days. That was easy, but cable subscription extortion portends to be messy. No matter, I’m feeling up to that spring cleaning task. BY. r.douglas

Digging Me A Bunker

This early spring
this nice too
a mean gone

No time lapse
bloom but
booms of color
cluster bomb
Daisy Cutter

Flowers For Red Smith

the ink is indigo
the blood invisible
ball point bathetic

open a vein,
bleed contemporaneously
why rewrite redux
and wallow in the
used to be

not another walk
in the park
in the past
without you,


The days
though far from lazy
accomplish little
and afford no insight
excepting to insist
might makes right
and the meek shall
inherit nothing more
than that greater

And hope
but a bow
tied to this gift
of the present
a ribbon wound with
nervous fingers
and often
final words

And hearts
are made numb
when made to take noticed
that reason runs
to or
from that
tide of blood
shallow but constant…
that cork our conceits
buoy our enthusiasms ,
and where our superstitions
float forever

write a poesy

  1. I really like Fluvial….also, my daughter and her roomies use YouTube TV instead of cable….she says they get everything they need as far as channels are concerned, for less than half of cost, if you’re considering breaking up with cable

    1. Thanks…and yeah I have YouTube Premium and we’re considering adding YouTube TV…but we have a dumb ass “Smart TV” problem x 2 and an internet provider threatening data charges…get ya one way or the other…and we have an old land line number bundled that SNZ just can’t part with.

      The number of entertainment subscriptions we pandemic purchased now verge on the obscene. Thanks again and stay well.

      1. We rotate streaming things…like we ditched apple and are going to add either Disney or showtime for a month. The boy constants are Netflix and prime. Everything else we stream a month at a time

      2. Yep, we have ’em all, damn near, so as to keep SNZ supplied with rom-coms, Brit Bits, and other assorted Apple and Netflix sit-com binges. It’s all her fault, see…where my software and web subscriptions don’t count cause they be tools…yep that’s the ticket …tools…as well as all my post hosting platform pimps and store bought themes and templates…not to mention last years’ bevy of computers. And unlike organized you…we’re just incapable to tactic” a month at a time”

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