Sashay Away, February!

SO Fearless Leader proclaims his nuclear weapons are now in a high state of alert. So the hell what.

For damn near three years, ever damn day, all people have been subject to annihilation for a simple taking part in the verbal exchange of a casual greeting.

Hell, it’s worst than that… one simply has to be in proximity of another human to be immediately subject to a viral infection half-life .

The world has lived with, …here today, gone tomorrow, for an extended period of time. And reflected upon the high jinks, crap shoot, and caprice of kismet, Mother Nature, and God’s will.



So what makes some Master of the Universe think, given these recent times, that simply proclaiming the nukes are locked and loaded will blind the world to a needless, senseless, war of choice.

An on purpose pestilence. And man made.

After years of learning to confront the existential, many, world wide, may have developed a new emotional muscle memory. And maybe we’re ready to collective flex it.

To push back against State sponsored base thuggery. The anti-democratic top down idiocy and ego of the self selected few. Post republic autocrats answerable only to their own shame.


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    1. thanks, Bill…next? …calamity, negation, silly ass make shift impromptu shines, political blameworthiness, and then of course, back to business as usual. That… or the end of the world.

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