Dark Light

Let’s barter for bullets to answer with ammo
Those don’t knows who bullseye the why,
or the then, or better than…no matter…
a sitting duck mark of course ambiguity

After all
An affray far away and we really have no say
But to doom scroll and trigger finger Twitter
To digitally gainsay what blisters us today but
come next week will be but a bruise…

when the dead will be buried and the bully will

And this from a decade ago


Somewhere someone plans
a spring offensive
somewhere someone young
will die
the old will be bled
and babies force marched
through a warmer gentler

Where bombs will concuss
bullets bloom
and snipers shape shift with
sudden green shoots

and headlines will seek
an approbate font

as the front opens
winter’s history revised

Day Two NaPoWriMo April 2013

If you Haven’t you should see this movie… DIVA
  1. Sitting here, green with envy. I tips me cap and gives a nod to your extraordinarily creative wordsmith craftmanship. Two fine works, even though born years apart. And a timely pair.

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