Retro Hissy Fit …Again Vladimir

Not a damn thing changes.

A repost from the last decade

Putin is boring as precedent. Nothing new but the hue of his authoritarian nationalistic flag waving.

As the last century made clear the leading actor of a totalitarian state can always trump, out flank, and flat foot, in the short run, any executive of a democratic republic.

Conducting the trains to run on time is easy peasy when debate on scheduling is verboten and the penalty for tardiness is a jail term or worse.

And you’re borderline crazy if geography, ethnicity, tradition, and centuries of history are not factored when figuring the motives of a regional bad actor.

Facts are often made fascist when hardheaded geopolitical business shares a ledger with spirit, myth, superstition, and real or imagined cultural paranoia. How often, in the last century, did all that tally to a blood bath bottom line.

There is no fortune telling the future consequences in Russia’s Finlandization of Ukraine’s Crimea. And while it maybe interesting how individual sanctions play in a global economy, pitted against the personal made collective sacrifice of Uncle Joe’s joust with the Nazis, Putin will plead there ain’t a dime of difference between the West then, and the West now. And Washington and the E.U. response is but a drop in the bucket, given the patriot blood Mother Russia has spilled.

Putin is thug wrong. His actions short-sighted, dangerous, dumb and doomed to fail. Instead of force he should have flown from Sochi to the Big Apple, picked up a U.N. microphone and admonished the West for not only championing unfettered global capitalism, but for pouring money into retro regional nationalism. A return to the greed of the World War I. The West, winner take all notion of Versailles , the stealth avarice employed to finance and arm the Reich, unleashing the pinnacle of Western capitalist creative destruction. And call Russia, not a country, but a gas station, if you must, but when the world lost the Soviet, we were quick to adopt your system…so fess up…we are all oligarchs now.

Bull shit and half truths at best, the above, but better than the full lie of an army invasion incognito. But what do you expect from a former KBG full bird who still wants to fly the hammer and sickle? And who sees Stalin, not as a mad man of history but, a method actor of the first rank starring in power play after power play.

Old School, but no fool, the West may school Putin yet, if they move to collectively chill and camp out about his Arctic oil fields. Watch for a Canadian Washington romance in full bloom, a push in Congress for a Polar Fleet, ditto for London, Nato and Laplanders.

Watch US and EU multi-nationals begin to headhunt some young Russians who can bring some of that hope and change to the Motherland, ready to make Moscow work for the middle-class. Really? No.

The real old school oligarchs, worldwide, and right here, are weighing petrol profits versus revisiting a Cold War arms race. Most likely they will find a way to do both. Yep, back to the last century.

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    1. The last time I wasn’t scared was when I was..hell I can’t think back that far. thanks and don’t forget to duck and cover.

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