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I understand and appreciate your pessimism. And you may be correct about a coming economic apocalypse..But doesn’t that say more about our assumptions concerning laissez-faire capitalism than a governments ability to manage economic equilibrium.

Are you suggesting the capitalism is only about “Boom and Bust.” The back and forth between vulture and laissez-faire capitalism. With slim to no government regulation. The invisible hand, forever alternating between a seductive fondling and- a show stopping bitch slap.

That doesn’t speak to an efficient use of resources or bringing products and services to market. Nor does it suggest political stability. It does suggest a bevy of bitter little commodity wars, and whiplash political leadership.

I understand, and too worry about the size, scope, and interference by central government with the going ons of the day to day. But I think there is disappointment in thinking Libertarian economics equals liberty. In fact I think it may lead the other way, liberty de-codified from law and commercialized by the “Market.”

Bad Poem Process

I‘ve got a fat file of knock-off rhymes that I’ve punched out and posted up, now and then, here and there. Not a serious effort in the queue. O.K. Maybe one, at most three, and if any; an accident.

Because happenstance is just how they happen. I begin to hiccup on a phrase, or note a novel, to my notion, word juxtaposition. Then I’m in some aural cul-de-sac that roundabouts throughout the day. Walking the dog, reading the NYT, watching C-Span, awaiting Snz, the expression or abstraction becomes a carousel of conceit. An ear-worm of ego. Let go!

So I pencil up without direction. Map free. No message to dispatch. Just a mumble to be rid of.

Some years ago, on a warm spring night, having drinks with friends, and watching Snz sport new seasonal fashion, I heard the words fetish and favor used in different sentences, hours apart. And fetish and favor encircled me for about a week. It wasn’t just the alliteration, although it wouldn’t shut up. What really spoke to me was the unspeakable. What fetish do you favor? So I whipped out my pencil. And in a half hour I would detox the favor/fetish jones and post it digitally.

Your Eyes

If I favor your leg
are you subject to fetish
when it’s your gait
I’m really queer for

if I amend that to say…
it’s how you carry yourself,
walk the talk.

do I lie, dissemble
or tattle-tale

All Politics is local..make that personal

During the summer of ’04 Peter Hart held a focus group in Ohio to better understand voters concerns and preferences for that year’s upcoming Presidential election. I watched it on C-Span. It went on for a hour and a half. There were twelve “average” folks equal by gender, and divvied up: four Democrats, four Republicans, and four independence.

It was more than interesting. Questions like; “Who would be more likely to help you change a flat tire, Kerry or Bush?” “Who would you trust more to baby sit your children?” And of course questions on their concerns about the future and the policies needed to better it.

I was struck how down to earth, honest, and willing to exchange these people were. Sure they had and spoke with some partisan bias and sometimes in party talking points. But I was proud of ‘em.

Well, all but one. She was Ms. Republican template. Bush could do no wrong. Kerry could do no right. All Democrats where commie pussies, all Republicans God fearing whip ass crusaders. The GOP stands for Gods Own Posse . Kerry stands for wine and cheese being served as the United States surrenders to the Caliphate. Bush be John Wayne, Kerry be Ashley Wilkes.

Then came the question. I paraphrase: “Your child is being held hostage along with her classmates in school. Of the two candidates, who would you prefer to handle negotiations with the terrorist?” Write it down.

When Hart ask her who, Ms. Template sighed. John Kerry, she said. There was a gasp in the room. Her shoulders fell. She shrunk.


She had three children. President Bush was too aggressive, to quick, not careful enough. And, they were, after all, her children.

I miss that Jersey Shore
  1. Oh we’re going to war…gone will be Covid, inflation and shortages will be due to the war effort, and America will unite against the evil empire. 1970s all over again

      1. I’m loving watching people who cheered as we took troops out of Afghanistan because “we don’t belong there” cheer as we ready sending troops to Ukraine because “we belong there”…..it’s an interesting tennis match

      2. what troops are “we” sending to Ukraine? and those cheers you hear sound more like world wide jeers to me. what makes me fret is Moscow wolf ticketing the notions of nukes…that’s a volume volley that can only result in a net loss to all.

      3. You’re really yo bet a dollar over the start of World War Three, and not even asking for odds. Maybe some NGO’s but not anytime soon.

      4. We’ve already moved troops to Ukraine and surrounding areas…taken troops from other parts of Europe. We have a presence in the area and it will grow

      5. Where have you heard we…the US…have moved troops into the Ukraine. Yes, some US troops in NATO nations have been repositioned to other NATO nations, and those supplemented by other US troops state side, but no one has reported or even hinted US troops in the Ukraine. What’s your source?

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