Game Theory

My desktop computer enjoys two monitors…those screens not mirrored…so currently I’m playing a WWII submarine simulation (?) on one and writing this post on the other. In gameplay it’s March 13, 1942. The time is 21:31 hours and the boat is surfaced heading north toward Santa Isabel Island at 12 KT. The gameplay level is medium and the hum of the engine repetition is ASMR sweet.

Not perfect, but certainly good enough for blog writing. And that’s the tale and the tell.

After decades I’m losing interest in posting publicly. It’s no longer feels novel, needed, or necessary. Not for me.

It’s now becoming something I just do, and have been doing for decades. I’m too comfortable, and at my age that can become unhealthy.

I need something semi-cutting edge, or a retro relevant return to old school.

Which is the why of my investment, the past year or so, in a bevy of new tech (toys) tools, and my ongoing search for a new form factor forum to better stoke the admittedly dying embers of aging creativity.

And add these years of pandemic pause, with the friction fictions of now decades of political hucksterism, and whatever public square remains begins to feel hollowed out.

So I’m in search of a new hallelujah. A new muse to court and spark.

OK. Does all this mean that I consider blogging or posting passé. No way.

I think weblogging is here to stay, and after some Gutenberg growing pains are brought to heel, posting will return to big dog status, as creative options should abound and implementation of said features ease, to make content all the more creative and fetching.

This is about me. Online years before the internet, posting away on a two line electronic bulletin board system….run from our loft and downloading Apogee games that SNZ played to get her through law school.

I need a new challenge, to stay current, or at least feel that I’m still in the game.

I’m being told…we have a new contact….bearing 063…gotta go.

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  1. You’re in the game as long as you want to be. If you enjoy playing, play on Macduff….to play on Willy shakes

  2. Instead of two computer screens, I have Red Dead Online running on the big screen tv and blog activities, etc., on my laptop. Oops, gotta go. Wolves attacking …

    1. Red Dead is a game, that and an old sub-sim, that could any day move me to add a my MAC miscellany. Most likely would have already happened if not for blockchain freebooting all the GPU’s. Prices are a bit better but Intel and AMD are in flux, and Windows 11… a newbie nightmare. All that said, I see my electric bill rising this summer, come hell or nuclear winter. Thanks for stopping.

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