The Variant Variable (Or Alliterative Click Bait)

Poemin’ New Fool to old school Lance’s Dark Mood Party Mix Vol 36

Notions, Hunches, Suspicions

Dark Light

Or Watch The Bit Flip

But what if the moon stops shinning
You know, glowing
And then …earth turning slowing
churning longer days and
shorter years and tearing
Instead of raining…what if coughing
becomes a crime, along with coffee
and doing anything right
and on time, A cardinal sin.

what if physics win and dreams place and
emotions; now a needed no show…
green light
A passion police
to random charge a tantrum
In tandem and simpatico to
A bit flipping bureaucracy
A gem of an idea, they think, to best arrest
the latest germ

The video clues…what the hell is a bit flip…


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