Re-Upped…Just Now

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The Cost Of The Edifice This Year

half a grand
out of pocket
to post here and


that, in no way…
warrants a like or speak about
in even a scant and tin eared

for such verse
and acutely indebted
to a practiced
and calculated

Tour D’Horizon

Enough of these various variants
Just can’t maintain the maintenance
Moving from fight or flight to fatalism
Is a round trip best purchased by the young
a pilgrimage soon seen to be a concave crusade
Not a prayer answered, but a supplication damning
one’s spirit

I’m spry yet retired. I reside in the inner city of a major metropolitan area of the United States. I read politics. I watch baseball. I hum along with the tune. I June swoon, and moon the bad poem. Post here, are old and new. Opinions are my very own, except when wrong.

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