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In my twenties I wanted all days to feel like Friday night. In my forties, a late Saturday night. And now, decades later, I favor the early Monday evening.

I’m just about to pour a bourbon. It’s been months. What real harm could three fingers of Basil Hayden do?

In other breaking news the immersive lights that shadow my main monitor and border my desk got a firmware update. There’s a new sound effects toggle which may need a tweak to sensitivity, but in the main it’s light on.

SNZ likes to nap in my office. She’s doing so now. There’s ASMR light rain and lighter jazz streaming and it is sleep inducing, and covers the hunt and peck of this mechanical keyboard.

I’ve yet to make a call concerning any computer upgrade. I don’t need it, but a MacBook Pro Max would be seriously sweet. But that much power at the corresponding price is hard to justify for a simple text slinger like yours truly.

By the by, I did finally push my Mac Mini M1 to warm to the touch via a simulation running at full game gallop. But still no fan noise.

And in dinning room news, it no longer serves as the office makeover staging area, it’s now becoming the Holiday decor depository.

And this is to be our first year in three decades without a puppy dog during winter. And that is a cold hurt.


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