Never Never Land-Never Mind.

The story about American off-year electoral participation is, there is no story. More precisely, there is nothing new. The voter is only concerned with the political now, and the now being but transitory, any sense of self governance is relegated to a never-never-land of never mind.

But you’re not like that. Your political concerns are in that right place; the future, right?

So, like me, I’m sure you too listened to the recent Supreme Court’s back to back hearings on the new Texas law concerning abortion. And by recent I mean just this past Monday. On the Court’s page you could listen in contemporaneously, or at your leisure well into the near future. And I’m sure you did so, listened then, or soon there after.

Because even the hardest right of the hard right is fearful as to how this Texas legislation came to be, how it shamelessly attempts to game the system, and if found constitutional, then, how the left could use that ruling to go after political totems of the right. It’s game changing, this law and the possibility of it being upheld.

Yes Virginia, there is a sanity clause.

Published by r.Douglas

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