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OH, some DEEP chill mix. Well why not some breakthrough covid music to gear up to get that booster vac? Today, around lunch time.

And the coming soon countdown clock on my new stand-alone site ticks away at 36 days, 9 hours, 28 minutes, and 48 seconds. And it’s tagged with…a personal post coming soon…or there about, and, all in CAPS. Which says, gentle reader, I’m taking my fuckin’ time.

And it also implies that I’m an idiot, in suggesting that a stand alone personal post would garner any semblance of readers…be they gentle or not. But we’ll give it a shot.

I ‘ve been getting increasingly hot at community blog posting. Stats often make no sense, reciprocity is gamed, site styes have the personality of a pancake house placemat, or chain hotel bar napkin, and a vast majority of the players are ignorant of the obvious through line of gamers-gate to pizza-gate to off-shore election battlefield preparing, to the domestic call and response of Jan6.

And like the UI they use to chat it all up, social media has been fine tuned to train participants to tribal talk in hot take nonsense while being made numb and dumb to the consequence of a quick to simply nitpick an increasing complicated and connected world. And then worse, pat each other on the back, with a WE told them. When you’ve really said shit. That’s right…like shitposting.

Have you considered, that in the “collective”, all our postings are being read algorithmically, run through neural engines and machine learning tools in order to find better ways in which to influence or persuade us to buy that product, or favor that idealogical position, or to even destroy the current system of government we have chosen to empower and give our consent to.

Read anything at all about Cambridge Analytica, and then wondered how far that then infant technique has grown, and what new entities have adopted the tactic and refined and scaled its’ strategic utility?

I’m shocked, take that with a grain of salt, that most remain unaware that a tool designed to empower has been weaponized to do the exact opposite. That’s modern human history. But I still believe that, we…Yes, We The People, have a “Say” in the outcome.

More on the way, while out the door.


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