More Mouse Droppings !

Sans cigarettes I can’t compose. As if my hacking away resembles in any part a composition. And while withdrawal will continue, my remarking on the abstention should be absent any future post.

I sure as hell hope so. But trust that I will continue to boast of small victories. Like the one yesterday. Which started soon after my first mouse size dropping of a nicotine lozenge. I suffered a computer mouse failure.

Not an easy catastrophic giving up of the ghost, but a more problematic and diagnosis necessitating symptom of the hit and miss nature in successfully being able to correctly and timely cut and paste. In fact, the bastard little rodent of the bit and byte was apt to chew up words and sentences and then retch up a jumble gumbo of alphabetical puree. Not always, but often enough. And after factoring age, and administering a blast of compressed air, which appeared to result in no appreciable remedy, I removed the squirrelly little critter from USB life support.

But that wasn’t the aforementioned victory.

Seems a couple of years ago, out and about, on another computer accessory run, I had purchased two back-up mice for just because, and the price was right.

But that’s not the victory either.

My triumph was… I recalled where I stored those punkie little peripherals. To the right closet, the exact shelf, the specific box.

The longest part of the entire operation was recalling the safe-cracking skills needed to free the cut and pasting pestilent from it’s SCIF like plastic packaging.

I am the champion.

this is a repost

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