Dark Light

In rare metals this time, and one point two billon into his forth fortune, “Bankrupt” Bill Bingham was fixing to celebrate the first anniversary of marriage to his third wife, Verity.

Three decades his junior, Verity had long legs, a larcenous heart, and the delicate hand of a forger, having pencil whipped one of “Bankrupt’s” under wraps off shore accounts to the paltry, but still scoundrelly sum of fifty million dollars.

Now Bankrupt was a traditional kind of guy. So he gave Verity the traditional first year anniversary gift of paper. Those ten incrementing checks. And she also received a world class lapidary box in which she found a pair of gemstone festooned handcuffs. Anything this lovely just had to be, must be, a crime, Verity thought. Or should be.

Verity could take a hint. In 24 hours she filed for a no contest divorce, and had those cuffs appraised. Those bracelets, nay, handcuffs were exquisitely made out of ruthenium , rhodium , palladium , osmium , iridium, platinum, gold, and silver. And generously jeweled with carat after carat of Taaffeite, Benitoite, Tanzanite, Poudretteite, Jadeite, Red Beryl, Black Opal, Grandidierite, and Poudretteite.

Copious millions whispered numerous appraisers, and offers were offered and summarily declined.

Five yers later “Bankrupt” again lives up to his moniker. The price of rare metals swoon suddenly, sending “Bankrupt” racing to creditors to scrap and bow. But he’s boxed in. And then the package arrives from Morocco with a note, in a script seriously similar to his own scrawl, and reads simply…”Start Over.”
And yeah, you got it. Those handcuffs included.

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