Impressionistic Contretemps Or A Sho Nuff Soliloquy

Fluff and The World Serious

Impressionistic Civics vs Realpolitik

Dark Light

Given the real feel aura of the time and temperature we found our collective selves, come January 20th last; whoever succeeded Donald Trump was certain to disappoint a majority of Americans and do so early.

The nation was shellshocked. And still is. Its’ people bruised, confused, used up, and dying en masse. And they still are. A citizenry concussed by a generation of vapid and vulgar politics, culminating in a violent attack against the very idea of this democratic republic. And that attack continues, as the Grand Old Party cloaks base political thuggery with a veneer of patriotic due diligence.

We The People are years away from any semblance of the sure and certain.

Don’t savor any savior who would suggest otherwise. Both our politics and the pandemic will remain long term problematic. Patience people. But stay turned. The soon coming legislative moves in Congress will be more than telling. And might hint as to how long, this generation’s, long national nightmare continues.

PS. While writing I was glancing at baseball wildcard races, and on Sunday I’ll NFL, and was so glad to hear LeBron got the vax, shoot the damn puck, and come spring, would love to go back to Augusta…..but by far the “best spectator sport” ever…is…or really can be American Politics… because the game is really about us…and for now at least, we the people determine the outcome. Let’s keep it that way.


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