Fluff and The World Serious

OR Parse The Penance…from last night

Some soft shoe, damn near, hush puppy like lo-fi streaming as I write and sneak peak baseball pennant races via MLB Baseball Tonight; Yankees, Boston, St.Louis, Philly, Braves, and LA latter.

Did you see where Tik Tok was quick to a billon users? And some are wondering the why of the camera upgrades that come with the iPhone 13. Because Apple be smart. Perfect tool for that aforementioned social media platform.

Whoa…Baltimore beat Boston. Yeah, well.. If I’m in a wildcard race I’m instantly suspect of playing a team with a 100+ losses. And Boston, well I loved Cambridge, where I lived for a while, but with the exception of Fenway I never found favor in that big city on the other side of the Charles.

And Baltimore; was there often and always visited that Avalon Hill company that got in on war-game computer programming very early .

“Avalon Hill became an early publisher of computer games in 1980[15] with its video game division Microcomputer Games, adapting some of its boardgame titles to various computer platforms (TRS-80, Vic-20, Commodore 64, Apple II, etc.) on several data formats (cassette tape and 5¼” disk). Swiped From Wikipedia. And I had all those computers except the Vic-20.

Wow. The Cardinals win 17 in a row to wildcard it. Got to hand it to that organization. St.Louis is always climate change hot and humid but I still have warm regards for the limited time, over decades, I’ve bar hopped around University City.

Braves won. Dodgers are up, and what the hell are the Giants doing.

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