Gin Up GenX And The Epik Data Breach.

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What do you think about the Epik data breach?

Are you yet…a persona blogger and/or social media aggregator? And why in the hell would I ask that question after a query about the Epik incident?

Is one’s on-line persona gonna start being used as a social faux pas or possible criminal offense defense?

Is an on-line persona akin to a social media influencer, an author’s nom de plume, or a social media activist nom de guerre?

I know this is a cryptic post. And purposefully so. And to make it even more so, cryptic- that is, the major print debate in adopting the constitution of these United States was spirited by and promoted via a collective pen name.

Can an employer summarily terminate someone for personal political views that an employee expressed on-line using a pseudonym in a purchased secure environment only to have his real identity hacked and outed and giving said employer supposed cause?

And to make this post even more elliptical, the side one falls on this may be determined by one’s coming of age via on-line touchstones…BBS, AOL, or My Space, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, The Gram, Tik Tok, or dead tree editorial pages.

But I will venture this. The people who will tell you the Epik breach does not matter are people now in their fifties. Their coming of age in the Digital age, was, by far, the most challenging. As a group they just had to grope through it,
and they thoroughly bought in to the all of the bit and byte while waving bye bye to that MBA. They were early adopters of Bill Gates’ DOS skin, Steve Job’s forbidden fruit, Bezos’ supply chain, and Zuckerberg’s algorithms.

As spring chicken busy with all that comes with roosting they were ripe for the pickin’ because what could be better than, You’ve Got Mail. How novel and naive.

GenX got a raw deal. And they know it. But it doesn’t mean they won’t lie to ya when remarking that they are done with FaceBook. The largest technological disruption in the history of the planet just scrolled right by them, and they saw nothing. And unfortunately they will continue to do just that. See nothing.

Business Insider On The Data Breach opens in a new tab.

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