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Sure, I Could Lock Pick

It’s all about Flash Fiction Friction and routing what rubs. And to not go down those mean streets and avenues of alliteration. Or get too horny for the anti-hero hero’s honey buttering up to that square jawed government type that’s certain to trip wire the subject’s villainous layer.

Oh. OK. The vagaries of sharing those rite of passage post writ both large, and depending on one’s life experience, ironically small. What’s unique to you may better serve to inform readers about your take on a particular issue of the day.
( That being one of the reasons I disagree with you about reposting.)

I always found this an exceedingly difficult task. I’ve been both brutally honest, and technically guilty of deception by suggesting some post were fiction, when in fact they were factual. I guess I’ve also overshared, and that’s cost a bit.

Personally, I’ve always been a rite of passage poster. The vagaries of one’s back stories clue the interested and careful reader to the gist and concerns of the writer’s daily scribbles. (Which is why I disagree with you about reposting.)

And I’m honest to a fault in backdoor suggesting that many “bloggers” confronted with a rite of passage presentation that doesn’t feel prete-a-porter,
are quick to dismiss it as a naked lie, or at best a dressing down for commonplace sympathy.

It’s a big world. With many different paths, and multiple ways to stumble before one arrives.

Nice post.

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