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In my home office is where I don’t write it. Sure, I keyboard a poem or two, and compose a brilliant response, or three, to somebody’s equally brilliant post.

And I occasion a tepid and unposted Flash Fiction, while kick drumming some You Tube seasonal music mixes, but I ain’t bubble gumming my butt to the chair to even novelette my way out of these everlasting days of pandemic digital doldrums, and the on, then off again, creative detritus.

The skin off my nose is the main desk. An Amazon purchase from ‘bout a year ago. All DYI and smaller than I tape measured remember, and certainly too small and the wrong form factor to sport twin monitors and wire manage all my idiosyncratic toys and ego driven bagatelle.

I know…poor poor pitiful me. And you’d be right….BUT!

Come on. It’s been almost two damn years. I just wanna go to some mid-level furniture store and purchase a mid-money, mid-size, and maybe mid-century wooden desk with a modicum of drawer space, some bulk to hide my wire management inaptitude, and all that with a manageable delivery day and fee for said same. I’ll handle the damn tip, and happily.

Pro Tip…stay current and up to date with your photo editing software of choice. ….can I whine or what?

Oh…before you start humming humble brag….there’s some practical reasons here for sure. We’re about to adopt a new puppy. Can’t have two feet of open floor space with an inviting den of waterfall hot wires to gnaw y’all…you know.

But what about the damn sub-woofer?

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