Dark Light

My sins may be multitudinous but punching down has not been among them.

Until now.

If this pandemic has intimated anything, it strongly suggest, the nefariously stupid are out to kill us all. Which begs the question, can one be criminally stupid? But to twist the wrist of my argument to ouch out of any squabble concerning criminal negligence ….it’s the casually stupid that’s going to doom us all, to years, if not decades, of rust, distrust, and regret.

How intellectually lazy and intercoursingly crazy must one be to purchased and hold dear the pronouncements of Facebook fanatics, fabulist, fatalist and wannabe felons.

To buy into the bit and byte bromides of cranks and crooks and charlatans with their obvious subterranean intent and interest is, for those down with that bullshit, just simple aboveboard stupidity. A collective walking of the plank. A pirating of the hyper-personal. A death wish of dumb-assery.

Until Later

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