Dark Light

But I’m now abused by a hundred plus real feel. So to hell with it.

I aw shucks my sageness to suggest, with a wink and nod, it’s silly to reason anyone able to pencil-whip and thus dispatch our shared dream of conjuring up, in order to put down, a self dictated and none too soon digital dystopia.

We all know a shit storms coming, so we unconsciously run toward the need to stampede. Moo.

Most flirt, don’t we, with a current and center stage Devil collectively conjured to give cover in our ground round theater of temptation and trespass. Our politics punked. Our economies nanoscopic. Our news of the day categorically massaged while simultaneously individually pigeonholed.

And every individual unique except for that algorithm, or even more so…that new one. As flesh and blood has become a bankable brand, a new breed indeed. Another moo.

Take stock.

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