I Got A Frying Pan

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Avocado Oil, Frying Pans, And a Paradigm Shift

One of those nights when I just can’t assume the writing position. I’m streaming some mid tempo lo-fi, and happily, sans earphones. Lighting is lite. A rocks glass starboard. Air conditioning minimal. Devices being charged. Dinner done, dishes ditto. Old man aches and pain reasonably in check. No west coast late night baseball. And my change of the post theme here and subsequent fixes is going fine. And most important, a beautiful woman I have adored for over three decades is but three rooms removed.

But there is no longer our puppy dog, and I can no longer daydream in color, and for my birthday I wanted, and have received, a frying pan. That’s right, a frying pan.

A world class and professional frying pan. Now that’s what I wanted for my birthday, a frying pan. And I’m ecstatic to have received and now own such a frying pan. And will put it to good use. Never the less, I wanted a frying pan for my birthday.

O.K. Discuss.

No don’t. I’m just teasing. Not about the frying pan. But about any further discussion about wanting said frying pan.

But I did post two interesting replies to others today. I’m sure you’re happy to hear that, so I’ll share them with you.

Both comments are about the same new Apple computer product.

To the first post, I wrote;

“I got the new mid-tier iMac (blue) and so far a little boo-who.., it’s M1 quick, and sick thin, but right now feels a bit too delicate to bully…no regrets, but as of yet, no great shakes…”

On the next one, I wrote;

“And you’re right the M1 Macs are scary quick, to the point they make doing even mundane task feel fresh. And right again, if you can dollar swing it, treat yourself…it’s a paradigm shift in personal computing.”

So how does…no great shakes suddenly equate to a paradigm shift in personal computing?

Context. The first guy is a tech writer and I would wager he’s owns and has been working with a M1 Mac, for months. Most likely owns more than one. The next guy says in his post that his recent purchase of the M1 iMac was as a replacement for his older iMac. I read his post as indicating he’s using a M1 Mac for the first time.

Now I’m sure you have notice I keep writing M1, before I write Mac. M1 is a chipset, in fact, a system on a chip. All the hardware from CPU to GPU to ssd to ram is now designed, controlled, and software optimized by Apple. In short they have ported their expertise in mobile computing (iPhone & iPad ) to the desk and laptop. This new apple silicon SoC know as the M1, released but months ago shocked the computer world with its computational speed, its energy efficiency, and software optimization. For the average consumer using a Mac computer with an M1 chip for the first time the experience is indeed mind blowing.

But here’s the rub. You want a shinny new Apple M1 computer. Ok. take your pick of these computers released months ago. A Mac mini …you get a small little aluminum box and a power cord and all good to go M1 computer if you have a monitor, and course the other necessary peripherals. Or a 13in MacBook Pro or 13in MacBook Air both running an M1 that went on sale at the same time as that Mac mini. Months ago.

For months I’ve been working on what I’m working on right now; A Mac Mini M1. I also have and often work on a MacBook Air M1 laptop. And a couple of weeks ago I got the brand new, and redesigned, all in one M1 24 inch iMac desktop computer. And yes, yet another M1.

What’s my favorite M1 Apple computer? Now this is truly subjective, because objectively, each of these computers for the everyday average consumer are computationally the same. Too damn quick. So it comes down to price, form factor, work flow, family needs, personal preference and about 500 other variables.

So I love the Mac mini M1. I think the M1 MacBook Air is all the laptop I currently need, and as for the iMac M1, it’s not for me yet, but for anyone who purchases a M1 computer, they have truly purchased a paradigm shift in personal computing?

So if you’ve made it to the end of this long post, thanks a lot, and by any chance do you want to buy a frying pan?


I’m spry yet retired. I reside in the inner city of a major metropolitan area of the United States. I read politics. I watch baseball. I hum along with the tune. I June swoon, and moon the bad poem. Post here, are old and new. Opinions are my very own, except when wrong.

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