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Coming Non-Attractions Falling Into Place

On or about the coming summer solstice, the longest daylight day of the year, this site goes dark. Not done, but private. It was plained to be so situated all along, as I alluded to in a current footer of this site.

I’m not a blogger. I’m barely a writer, much less a day to day poster. I’m a puzzle player. I like to make pieces fit. I like to use WordPress as a CMS, content management system.

I enjoy working with a variety of themes and plug-ins, page layouts, audio and video options, message forums, member areas, and always those new tools for old fools who just want to be perplexed perpetually.

And I’ve done stuff like that since setting up numerous DOS based Bulletin Board Systems, decades ago.

But now I’m working a work flow problem. And being an open site here at WordPress.com is hindering finding a solution. It’s not a WordPress.Com problem. It’s a slight unavailable option that I’m unable to work around. And that’s OK. WordPress.Com is fine, an excellent CMS and “blogging” platform, and as I mention, I went into this iteration of working this site in private anyway.

I’m explaining all this dullness of a personal process and early, because I don’t want anyone to feel that I just up and Ghosted, or shut anybody out. To those I’ve been in touch with here, regular like, I’ll tip ya to a new evergreen of r.Douglas doggerel done live by the time the leaves start to turn, if not sooner.

So the sunny side, y’all.

  • stole the title from Raymond Chandler

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