Ambient Ambivalence


It’s rain, rain, in the Windy City. And as any self-respecting old dude would do, I’ve found an interesting downtempo music mix, and I’m messing around with back lighting ambiance driven by three different microphones.

Two of these mics are preset dumb, just reacting to bass and drums. The other mic and lights are app-driven and I can tweak brightness and sensitivity, color mix left and right, and LED blend, with damn near where and when effects. Kinda cool, as is, letting this real rain serve as some nature-provided ASMR.

And I’m doing and writing about doing this noise to hue nonsense because I’m gun-shy and all shilly-shally about writing politics and the culture palette in which governance is currently being crayoned out; right here in the U.S.of A.

Most “bloggers” run from politics. And advise their readers that all politics is poison, and any who dare to engage in the process, are at best unpleasant, at worst, indiscriminately judgmental. That any and all opinion, concerning even the most dry as toast political events of the day, is nothing but rigged and rank partisanship, resulting in screaming and scheming subjectivity.

Many “bloggers” with their book reviews and movie reviews, music takes, and TV shows that hit or miss, are granted, or take for granted, the objectivity necessary to turn one’s taste to truth, and personal preference into perceived dispassionate dissent.

Like, I don’t really enjoy Polka, but that accordion player can really tickle those ivories? And that makes it all good. Discussion on.

But politics? Verboten. And worse, many bloggers join in and amplify the all-politics-sucks sentimentality of the majority of their readers. Readers who often forget that, in the main, politics is about governance. A we the people governance, and governance is about policy. Our policy.

And today’s majoritarian anti-politics is about the personal and subjective wound collecting collectives of the perpetually judgmental. The perceived aggrieved. Left and Right, and yes…even the Center.

Which is not to say there are not mucho problems, there are. But if you can’t talk real politics, you’ll never be afforded the opportunity to discuss and debate the governing policies needed to move the country forward. Forward and out of all the ways in which, we are now, all of us, and have been for decades, politically locked down.

  1. I agree… bloggers need to be real! I find many bloggers avoid any topic that might upset others. I write because I must. I don’t write for “likes.” I express my views whether they are popular or not. And politically I tend to be very liberal. I’ve never worried about what others thought. Not really.
    It was very nice to read your honesty.
    I blog daily pretty much on Facebook because I have so many personal friends there, but on this site I write now and then…
    life is very busy and strange now since I’m in cancer treatment and so I don’t write when I’m not up to it….
    But when I do write… it flows out from my heart and soul. And I never hold back politically. Not since I was a kid in college (1967) and I marched and held protest signs outside the University Library because they wouldn’t let girls in jeans enter. (We had to wear skirts to study). Luckily the local newspaper got wind of my protest and came out taking photos. Fortunately, that got other girls involved the next day and within the week that archaic ruling was changed. So I’ve been pretty vocal since the late 60’s. Keep expressing yourself. There’s no other way to be. Peace, love, and rock n roll. ✌️❤️🎸

    1. Well lady, I’m gonna admit I lurked a bit around your site to better reply to your thoughtful comment. And I’m compelled to acknowledge that your attractiveness is only overtaken by your courage. Forgive that bluntness.

      Thanks for taking the time and effort to respond so throughly. It is appreciated.

      I’ve been writing on the web for years. Started moaning about politics during the Clinton admin. Couldn’t believe the rise of Gingrich and demise of bi-costal Republicanism, and then The Florida Brooks Brothers riot, W’s gunslinging, Palin’s parade, Obama’s recovery from Wall Street Witchcraft, and top it all with Trump’s trompe l’œil of totalitarianism.

      I write less and less seriously now. Mostly bad poems and some old guy new tech fetishizing. My partner of thirty years, pretends to pay attention to my raves and rants, but mostly, I just make her giggle.

      Thanks much. I look forward to reading more of your post.

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