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I took the bait. I defended politics yesterday. On a post by a writer I read and respect, I went all romantic on how I feel politics is noble.

That post, in the main, was about demographic groupings and predictive behaviors, and the poster thought all that bull-shit farcical, and parody worthy, and for the most part I agreed.

But the post also produced typical slapdash responses boiled down to just lazy hating on politics. Not saying anything, just noted to get a nod. Always easy pickin’s.

I guess those responders hadn’t noticed the rare and raw political courage on display, just that day, by Liz Cheney, the number three member of leadership in the GOP House caucus.

Maybe Cheney’s just too much inside baseball. Maybe this is too much about others and not enough about me. I don’t want to write about politics. I want to write about some players I’ve invented to populate and prod a story I’d like to share.

Who am I fooling. I’m back in the game. Damn.

Terror Is Politics Damned

a phone found me
a friend rang
run to the news she said
it’s raining people

thank God no camera
was close up
yet my imagination
had Hubble-like zoom

with Tower two my heart
with Tower one
the constitution

thousands of people
ten thousand lives
jump cut

and my instant prayer
went not to a soul
just departed

my missive to
begged for our children’s

damn politics

but if you do that
politics will

damn you

with Tower two my heart

with Tower one
the constitution

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