A Hanging Of A Picture+

A Saturday Morning Cartoon

Just Noted To Get A Unknowing Nod.

Dark Light

Me, lacking color courage, afraid to hello a new hue. You, acquiescing to a bland bargain of worth tones and fair weather continuity.

Where went the pin-up pout? Who stored that glamour girl grin? Who purchased that settee that set our ways to nit pick the nick knacks but not notice that night-time is no longer the right time and the wee-hours no longer welcoming?

Once, when alone, we were the decor– -together with little decorum. Rearranging each other and framing the moment.

Poems Rule Dogs Drool

Poemin’ is pretentious. Embrace that damning truth.

A poem is not the truth of the matter. A poem is your truth of a moment. I see the sky as garter-belt blue. You see that ceiling as azure, I’m sure.

Near and here is the rhyme dear. Relish the hot-dogging of the interior rhyme.

Prose suggest a paradigm shift, life being just around the corner. The poem is that antithesis; poesy playing cop. Narrative pursues, poetry makes the arrest.

Don’t dismiss the doggerel. A poem is a bark, a growl, and often, a public warning. A dumb ditty doing laughable due diligence.

Immersion into poetic tropes is just enough rope to hang oneself. Better to full bore that MFA, and live to word sling another day.

Never abandon your puppy, but be quick to send your latest poem packing. Sure edit, but finish-don’t fetish.

Write poems. Don’t be a poet.

Compose prose poems, if you can. Since there is no agreement as to just what a prose poem is, make the damn thing your very own. It will help you verse.

Luck to you. And I leave you with a prose poem. New.

Nothing new from me. I’m free to back catalog. Living high on the hog of old man conceits and an enforced, so to speak, retreat to ponder aging…in dog years.

And yes, our dog died.

And I’d lie if I didn’t spy that as metaphorical. Some kind of categorical woof ticket, the fleeing flea of me….Squirrel. To squander yet another… increasingly needless moment.

My time maybe short, but there is also a chip shortage…so of course I bought another computer…on back order. In order to purchase a reason…
to stick around.

And here’s something in 5/4 time.

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