Tandem And Random

Swipes At The Zeitgeist…Some Decades Old

A Poem For the Just Dead Dog

Dark Light


watching, rising, the tepidity of her thigh
this high-noon temperature tantrum
long-legging out the day in a twice-mortgaged
two half-acres.

I shirr…she radiates sun shimmies
that lap her wavy like, liquid,
lingering and out of focus
a clear case of filigree fever

my cool now toast I beat a tepid retreat
to the shallow end of the gene pool
dew point and desire having done in
my sang-froid

NaPoWriMo 2015

Up with Chemistry

We didn’t court
and spark
as much as
carbon date

It’s chemical
you cautioned:
in tie-dyed

Science as
an inhibitor
I countered.
as gravity
the question

Best guess NaPoWriMo 2014/13

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