Dark Light
To all a Happy Passover.

I should have gone to
Seder this year,
doctor appointment aside,
with a bottle of
Chateau La Clide,
but I’d yet to recover
from the health care
heathens and Susan

So, and woe, I missed
the new niece
bunny hopping in
from Brooklyn
all seven months
of her,
a little living
who doesn’t know a thing
about the Chicago Cubs
and the wind off the lake
and that dead of winter feel
of another opening day

NaPoWriMo 6 or 7 years ago
And note the eye rhyme aside
and Chateau La Clide

    1. Susan forgot as well. But not me…part of my religious training…remembering; is necessary. You know what they say about Episcopalians…when every two or more are gathered a “Fifth” is sure to appear..

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