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I once thought in paragraphs
admittedly in the occasional italics
but the script was declarative
informed by personal improvisation
of principals particular to upbringing
and upkeep

I’d peep about politics
I’d chirp about culture
I’d high mind the American eagle
I’d lowbrow the downmarket
I’d play philistine to the guillotine
on the chopping block of the American
Dream and scream at the schemes of anti-
pluralist and revanchist seeking requiem
for the souls of their Lost Cause

That was then

When debate was the gate behind which
facts were marshaled,
arrested by agreed upon warrant,
attested to by all sides

then the jailbreak

the trick of the click
the moment of the meme
trolls on a roll
bots on a bounty
thumbs up thumbs down
a toggle on the scale


All Hail
Social Media

day 3 2018 NaPoWriMo

Tabs Detour

I Can’t Poem In Some Time

No self respecting poem wants to hang with me. As I’m apt to slap that poesy into the ether too early, still gasping, and all agog at anxious afterthought alterations. A bespoke joke birthing an interior punch-line rhyme, way before delivery time. Because juncture is the jive. That toot sweet hive be honey. Muse money. Currency.

Just The Base Model

A Future Proving Folly

In reading this, It’s highly likely that you are doing so on a computational device of a specific design and capability. And be it, said device, a top shelve whiz bang state of the art, or but barely bargain basement functional, it remains in the main, a utility, an implement, and a tool. And now arguably, a necessity.

And if you agree that one’s computational device has now become indispensable, I’m going to try to convince you that you can’t future proof the now.

I was gonna monograph some moronic notion of how trying to future proof the purchase of a current commercial computational device is a fool’s errand akin to trying to manage a democracy without a strategic understanding of egalitarianism, but you’ve been spared from all that by a post Thanksgiving throttling of septuagenarian vigor.

Strongly agree…the iPad Magic Keyboard is bit and byte delicious, but the current state of iPadOS does not, for me, make a full meal. So I went off the menu last year and ordered a 4th gen Air. But it seems to just serve as the occasional appetizer in my workflow due to that half baked operating system. And an M1 in even a 12 inch seems gluttonous. But I do admit to checking Apple’s refurbished page and if the right price point presents I just might go whole hog.

OK, here’s a nitpick and it’s not just with you, it’s with Apple.

Per a previous video you explained how you changed your order, on tweet advice from a colleague, to go with a MacBook Max as apposed to a MacBook Pro. I’m assuming you got that MacBook Max. And that’s the computer you are reviewing and comparing to others.

So thanks to Apple’s marketing flummery your choice of computer configuration was not just about number of gigabytes of random access memory or total system storage, you opted, in essence, for an entirely different chipset. A differently configured “SoC” or System On A Chip.

M1 PRO 9X faster graphics performance
M1 Mac 13X faster graphics performance
But here’s the real kicker
M1 Pro over 200GB/s of memory bandwidth
M1 Max over 400GB/s of memory bandwidth

That’s a different chip, not to mention the PRO supports
2 external displays while The MAX supports four..The I/O of these computers are different.

All that said, I would have not jump in here this way if you had not talked about the six hour couch use of your MacBook Max to produce a video. If somebody tries that with the base level MacBook M1 Pro, the will be unlikely to have a similar experience.

Here’s my question. What have you found more helpful in everyday writing? The jump from Intel to the Mac mini M1, or the bump from the M1 to your MacBook Max?

Thanks and Holidays

From My About Page

If honest, I imagine most people enjoy a passive/aggressive relationship with the new digital dictates. This bit and byte of both brilliance and buffoonery. And I’m a member of that club, tribe, clan, and guess I’m still a fan, but cooling to both its whim and wonder.

The Social Media subset of all this faderal is a two-faced mash-up of the magical and the mutinous, with but few seeking a North Star, while the many instigate the daily plank walkings.

So this post is but a drop in the bucket of our collective troubled waters. A personal ebb tide of takes, wakes, and bad poems prepping for purgatory.


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