It Ain’t Over Until the Black Swan Sings.

Right, I know, all politicians are all alike. And both political parties are one and the same.

And yeah, given the circumstances of the day, any alternative governing crew would have navigated its way through the multiple crises our nation confronts in a similar feckless and fatal fashion.

Right. Because all politicians are alike. They are all Democratic Bastards and all Republican Bastards. They’re all bastards and made much much worse, regardless of, or due to, their political stripes. One and the same.

And We, dare I say, The People, can’t do shit about this. Right?

No difference between Reagan, Clinton, Obama, and Bush. Not an iota. All would have handled the pandemic like our current Prince of Politics, that Great Man of Governance. No doubt, right? Just like Trump!

And like Trump… Ronnie, Bill, Barack, and George…all would have responded to the voice of the people on Election Day with the same temperament and understanding that our Commander-In-Chief has displayed. And Donald continues to behave just like Washington would have, or FDR or JFK, or Jimmy Carter, and maybe, even Hillary Clinton. Even the bitches be political bastards. Right! They’re all alike!

Well, contact trace this: from Washington to Obama, all may have been political bastards, but they were American bastards, and for all their weaknesses, political strengths, bad ideas proffered, and personal idiosyncrasies displayed, each appeared to have taken their oath to lead the nation to heart and to exercise the power of the presidency with the seriousness the founders foresaw, current events cried out for, and our future demands.

So all politicians and political parties are all alike, right?
And they’re all bastards, right? And all Americans, right?

So what about Donald Trump? Well, he is no American politician. He’s a political anomaly. A Black Swan aberration lip-syncing his full-throated lyrical grievance-leaded swan song. Heavy, Dude.

And like the pandemic, which will not just one day disappear, Mr. Trump and Covid-19 will become increasingly less virulent, but still more than capable of infecting the body politic for years.

But what the hay, or hey, all politicians and their parties are just alike. The same. Shame.

Hate to disabuse you of that fake news, friends, but the only thing changing faster than technology in this nation is the computational political power needed to sort solutions to better serve a now speed-of-light demographic and cultural shift in the body politic.

To Trump torture the metaphor, the public sees politics as “bandwidth,” but the true political player—those bastard politicians above—knows governance is about “throughput.” How many more than just my political base can I lead to my vision of the promised land? And to do so against an often righteous, politically legitimate resistance. An orchestrated partisan and self-interested political bottleneck. How to push “through” is the bastard politico’s art.

Just wait. Months from now. When you can see further than the next trip to the grocery store, you may be better attuned to take stock of these last four years.

Don’t be shocked if you find yourself dumbstruck by the political disaster of Donald Trump. And you come to realize that all politicians and political parties are not alike. That at the very least, each American Political Bastard achieving leadership in high office reflects and dictates our time and circumstance uniquely. And contributes, good and bad, and in their own way, to our now centuries-long collective dream and desire for representative self-governance.

On second thought, forget all about this. Means nothing to me.

Where I live Covid infection rates run thirty precent. I’m a fatalist. I figure by the Christmas Eve, my seventy year-old self will be flat on my belly and intubated, wheezing into to a cell phone, saying my goodbyes to SNZ…then asking the nurse if she has a cigarette.

But it ain’t about me, you politically ignorant snobs. It’s about your children. Your grandchildren. Give a shit about ‘em. Grow politically the fuck up.

Doug out. Ventilator drop.

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