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A post from my previous site about moving to this site, which I did. Both efforts of little consequence. Not meta enough, but no matter.

Listening to remixes of, dare I say, vintage DJ Shadow. On an early Saturday evening, after a beautiful summer-like day, followed by an excitingly boring, yet competent and amiable speech by the President-elect of these here United States. Thank God for boring.

Just another day in the neighborhood, excepting Covid cases here are rising faster than Biden’s numbers did, day two, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

And while my understanding of American politics is at best pedestrian, I fear the current POTUS may find it hard to just walk away.

But I know when to walk away. I’ve been posting here a decade and it’s time to go. So, over the next couple of months I’ll be making changes to help facilitate a move to another site. With a new domain and some new tools to better help me play around with “Gutenberg” blocks and such.

Until then, say a couple of months or so, posting here will remain normally sporadic.


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