It’s Not Just A Tally, It’s a Totem.

The Percentage Is Not The Point

Boring Never Felt So Nice

Dark Light

As torturous as this choosing may be, I think a celebration is in order. The magnitude of the early vote count is majestic. We The People are truly acting as sovereign.

A collective act of necessity, as the scions of silicon, the princes of production, the money changers of prosperity gospel, and a ponce of progagandist where happy to dog breakfast all the way to the bank.

Now cash and carry trumped loud and crass, until Covid-19 threatened to make all bottom lines novel, and it became clear the big dog was all bark and no bite. And with no plan, even the inevitable K shaped recovery might quickly become a dead cat bounce. And suddenly, it’s back to the future.

So a vote is not just a vote. It’s a signature. Your individual mark to move a moment, and maybe help patch our collective history.

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