Dark Light

I need a pour and three or four more, before I read all those Sunday Op-Eds. What the hell is Left to say, anyway. Right?

Wait One.

Back with three fingers of baby bourbon, “Basil Hayden.” Used that name as a posting nom de plume decades ago. And Autodidact as a “nom de guerre. “ All Hail the dial up BBS. I miss ’em.

And of course and par for…more regret reminiscing; it took me decades to figure that I misplayed my orphanage stay. I should have parlayed the experience/consequence of being a ward of the state into a full ride, “shame on you,” scholarship. But, by that time my anger made any acquiescence to personal betterment beyond the pale. I just wanted out and an “emancipated minor” I became. And that status…well, was just another damn State sponsored fiction.

Politics and government policy be personal to me.


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