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Dippin' A Toe Into Posting Politics

Been reading Lester Bangs and Isaiah Berlin. The former for some going, gone, gonzo. The latter for pushback on English romantics and German nihilist. And for further enlightenment, I picked up forty or so of my shirts from the laundry…medium starch.

And as appetite has deserted me, my need for nicotine has become chronic. Wait. Wait. I don’t want to hear any boo-hissin’ from those in a country that have dismissed the coronavirus to the tune of 70,000 new infections a day.
But you Foreigners can take a shot. That’s fair.

And our dog is on his last legs. Losing weight, and more often I’m having to help him lift his hind quarters. He’s been our puppy for a decade. His name is Coda. Our last dog. We love him. And if our veterinarian doesn’t relax his shop’s current pandemic protocols, Coda too, will die without family present. I think I can get around that. But it’s just another damn awful circumstance to think about and prepare for.

They be saying-Play Ball-be just around the corner. I say, LOOK IN YOUR OTHER HAND… YOU GOTTA GOLD WATCH.

MLB “wishful thinking.”

See Ya.


I’m spry yet retired. I reside in the inner city of a major metropolitan area of the United States. I read politics. I watch baseball. I hum along with the tune. I June swoon, and moon the bad poem. Post here, are old and new. Opinions are my very own, except when wrong.

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