Dark Light

And my ultra-large LED trimmed mouse pad/desk runner is the reason. It’s black and gray and a map of the world and programing the lights can be problematic.

And my mouse runs roughshod throughout the Middle East, and my red and portable SSD lays damn near perfect in the U.S. Of A, and my monitor base is just flat-out crushing Western Europe.

And it’s a general election year here, and damn likely my last one. So writing daily about campaign maneuvers and the national political to and fro would seem, you know, de rigueur. But no.. not so.

And that’s why my poemin reads so self-pitying punk. It’s one thing to watch one’s own demise, but another to witness such a brazen beatdown of the oldest constitutional democracy on the planet. And on purpose, and with glee.

Shame on me for my silence.

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