My Pretentious Old Man. A Prose Poem

In celebration of the recognition of my public expiration date, we fine dined with whine and wine… and then, just on time… ordered a firewall off the menu. A gated corner to decompose, I suppose, and juxtapose rickety rhyme with the arthritic current. Politics, like crack, can crumble a community. And poems have cities sacked. So to host the post behind lock and key is thus this April’s journey. A spring in my step.


Ha Ha…ain’t that disgusting. But I did think it time for a prose poem.

I wish I could share the thousand of toggles and options in a world class WordPress CMS template with you. What a puzzle? How to best display the poesy. Tab ‘em ? Or drop down toggles. Or re-invent a portfolio mix. And, really, two video formats needed for parallax browser compatibility. And not only a bevy of short codes, but you can stye each as well. And does BB Press really forum seamlessly as promised. And, damn, the template is now moving to fourth generation, and I was but a pull quote short code away from early adopting, so now it will take me three months or so until I can treat it like a red headed stepchild. In any event, the target date for a semi-ready roll is late April, but mid-May more likely.

while I do believe content is King, building a new castle was the moat that floated my boat.

From A Past Post. 

“One of the ways I used to handle anxiety was to play computer submarine simulations. Long, real-time Pacific patrols circa World War II. Often running on a separate machine while I read, watched sports, dicked around with HTML, Java, or embedded music mixes. I enjoyed the hours of nothing but the hum of the diesel engines and then the sudden alarm of a new contact to figure, and if friend or foe, do the math if the latter to fire an often faulty torpedo. And if I sunk some Japanese tonnage , it was time to dodge some depth charges. Big Fun.

That changed when the Pacific became passé and the new and more advance simulations went “Das Boot” and I just didn’t have the heart to go all Wolf Pack as a Nazi U-Boat Captain.

Another pressure palliative was toggling the tabs and toggles of on-line posting platforms. Started with DOS based bulletin boards like PCBOARD and Wildcat, and worked with Ascii and Rip Graphics. Had files on CD’s for others to download shareware, freeware, nagware, apogee games and first generation first person shooters. More Big Fun. And from there to Dreamweaver and Flash and setting up static web sites to finally falling for hosted CMS…content management system. Set ‘em up, take ‘em down…try the new this, or go all retro on that. The more options the better. The truth is, while I do believe content is King, building a new castle was the moat that floated my boat.

Poem Seven For NaPoWriMo 15

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